Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tiny flowers for Bloom Day

The only things blooming at Longview Ranch on May 15th are minute.

A tiny dianthus, species long since forgotten, that I've had for years in a trough.

This first helianthemum is quite demure, and appropriately named "The Bride".

But what's this? Color! A orange-red sunrose doing its best to cover the many feet of mulched garden still available for planting.

And this? A bright magenta helianthemum (maybe "Raspberry Dazzler"... I dunno.)

So now you know my secret: whorish, gypsy-colored blooms delight me in tiny doses.


  1. Oh, flowers can never be whorish, can they?!

  2. Well, we are probably all still in winter-remembering mode, so a little dash of garish color is still pretty welcome. By summer, we will long for the paler hues. Mine were all small today too, funny about that. Happy Bloom Day!

  3. I like the tiny blooms. That dianthus is a gorgeous little fringed creature. I must admit, the helianthemum is a cheerful little guy, I do like the bright color this early in the season.


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