Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring-like behavior detected

Lately it seems every time I have a moment to go out in the garden, it's raining. By the same token, the sun comes out when I'm sitting behind my computer at work. So I had some visual catching up to do this afternoon as I wandered around the garden. Let me share some of what I saw.

Candles springing up on the lodgepole pines (pinus contorta).

Spring-green (duh!) new growth on the kinnick-kinnick (arctostaphylos uva-ursi.)

Our dogwood (cornus x 'Eddie's White Wonder') beginning to bloom. The blossoms are a gorgeous pale green, but as they open, they will turn pure white.

Parthenocissus tricuspidata is starting out reddish, but will turn deep green by summer.

The evergreen huckleberries (vaccinium ovatum) have lots of beautiful, red, new leaves...

... and lots of pretty flowers on their second-year wood.

One mahonia nervosa has a few new branches, also in seasonable spring-green.

Our pyracantha 'Mohave' has been in the garden for three years now. It's to the top of the fence and looking robust.

That pyracantha was such a success (unlike multiple other "privacy" plants that died over the past two winters) that I put in three more Mohave along the fence a month ago. I'm determined to get some year-round screening. Although they'll take some time to reach the stature of our big pyracantha, the three are looking perky this spring.

Grace, over at Gardening with Grace, posted this week about her crabapple. My image of our young malus 'Prairifire' can't rival her gorgeous pictures (take a look!), but I have been thrilled by the intense, dark pink flower/foliage combination out our dining room window. We planted Prairifire to screen us from the big house across the street, and it's already doing the job of stopping the eye in the most beautiful way.


  1. Ain't spring grand? I planned my week so that I would be able work in the garden on the predicted sunny day and it rained. Then the rainy day was sunny.

    Everything is looking great in your garden! And I'm following your lead and planting more of things that have proven themselves over the last two winters (like your pyracantha). BTW the last time I commented on your blog (the post below about your mother in-law moving) my comment disappeared and then blogger wouldn't let me comment again.

  2. That 'Mohave' sounds just the thing- I've lost too many Privacy plants...

  3. Hi Jane~~ I neglected to mention that the tree I photographed is a drive-by. I don't have room for one in my garden. I've since seen the 'Prairie Fire' abloom around town and it is such a beauty. The deepest of pinks, just lovely. Yours looks fabulous, very healthy too. [Thank you for the link-love.] Have you noticed bees around your huckleberry blossoms?

    The weather is kind of annoying isn't it?

  4. Love all these great signs of spring, especially your crabapple! Lots were planted on my daily drive last year and they are cheering me immensely right now! What a color, amazing. My huckleberries have no blossoms, hm. Any special thing you do to yours, or are they just naturally happy?

  5. Guess wherever we live, screening is an issue. I am going to borrow your pyracantha idea...thanks!

  6. I quite fancy the candles on pines, they don't often get top billing in spring when everything else is happening, but I'm glad you gave yours the attention they deserve.


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