Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gardening is not always glamorous

But it can be very satisfying. On March 14th, I posted about the lovely load of Nature's Needs mulch we had delivered.
What with weather and other constraints, it has taken me a while to distribute it.

Gradually, however, it has been going...


Gone! As I said: not glamorous, but very, very satisfying.

And the perfect segue to wishing a Happy Earth Day on April 22nd to all my garden blogging friends!


  1. Yes, it is very satisfying knowing that we're feeding the soil that feeds our beloved plants. I've got a similar pile waiting in the wings for my wheel barrow. :)

  2. There is something so satisfying about seeing that pile slowly disappear!

  3. My back hurts just looking at that. Nothing like fresh mulch, though. It's like new flooring in the house...only better.

  4. Doing the same thing here with free, municipal compost from roadside trimmings. Yours looks incredibly rich!

  5. Good job! At the Arboretum we save all our organic waste, separating the large wood from the "green waste". We have it ground once a year. Then we compost it for a year and regrind it. The last grinding was just a few weeks back so we have huge fragrant piles of good stuff. We've been spreading too!

  6. Only a fellow gardener could appreciate the love inspired by a pile of dirt...but then we are all envious.

  7. Grace - I like to get it distributed before the perennials make too many leaves and complicate the process.

    Scott - Yep, it's good for my garden and my psyche!

    Hoover Boo - no back strain involved - hence the slow progress!

    Denise - how I wish our local compost was free. Since I'm paying, I choose organic.

    Chris - your process sounds great, and particularly commendable because it never leaves the premises. I love to hear my National Arboretum is so green.

    ricki - envious because I'm done? Or because it was such good stuff?


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