Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Foliage Follow-up (my first!) - August 2011

Welcome to Foliage Follow-up. Hosted by Pam at Digging, Foliage Follow-up participants celebrate the leaves in our gardens on the 16th of each month. Here's what I'm seeing in my zone 8 Portland garden today:

Yucca rostrata, planted this spring, is thriving in our summer sun. I hope I've given it enough drainage to survive our wet winter.

I'm so relieved that lovely white sheaths on the new culms of Fargesia robusta bamboo are conclusive evidence it's not a return of the running Phyllostachys we evicted from the garden. It's a treat to see this new growth in mid-summer: apparently most Fargesia only shoot in spring.

Lysimachia nummilaria 'Aurea' underpins a slow-growing Acanthus. One of these years I may even get blooms!

The color of my Eucalyptus leaves is the perfect gray-green.

Irish moss is gradually re-establishing itself after spring's garden upheaval.

A passalong Persicaria with its distinct chevron.

My new Tetrapanax 'Steroidal Giant' is looking good and has BIG leaves.

Finally, a decidedly non-zone-8 plant: But Ensete maurellii has the most delicious color on its glossy gorgeous leaves.


  1. So will you try to over-winter your Ensete maurellii?

  2. Ah, more beautiful moss. And lovely eucalyptus leaves as well. It's nice to see bamboo and Yucca rostrata growing well in your garden as well as in mine. Lovely foliage plants both.

  3. You have seriously got a lot going on! Good work. Here in Washington the summer has not been forgiving. Our Tetrapanax is nonetheless happy to the point that I'm getting a little scared.

  4. Great post...I LOVE that bamboo...so lovely! That Persicaria is one of my fave foliage plants...just be sure to dead-head if you don't want a million more next year ;-)

  5. Your Yucca is new this year? Wow it sure is big already. I'm slightly jealous. :) Love the Bamboo. I know what you mean about the Acanthus. Although I got two blooms on my variegated variety, I've still yet to see one on my straight green species. Go figure.

  6. I'm going to need one of those ensete... just as soon as something else big that requires overwintering croaks. (Or else I won't have room for it in the house!)

    What's your secret with the eucalyptus, by the way? I try this every year as an annual, but it just seems to kind of languish for me. I'd love for it to put on some new growth and look as nice as yours.

  7. Nice post! I like the Yucca rostrata.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  8. Good looking greens there... would you believe I bought three Y. rostrata Sapphires (small) very OTT, my dogs like to rub against them...very worrying.


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