Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Open House at Lonesomeville

Lonesomeville Pottery Co. is a labor of love.

The old farmhouse, foundry and outbuildings were condemned and slated for demolition when the current owners saved it nearly 20 years ago, and the evolving home, pottery and gardens are a yearly delight to visit.
Twice a year, in spring, and at Halloween, Lonesomeville opens their house, grounds and sales floor to the public.
Their heirloom-quality art pottery is featured in The Gamble House, The Ahwahnee Lodge, and the Hearst Museum, among others.
I attend mainly for the opportunity to wander through their lush Northwest-style cottage gardens.

Found and re-purposed objects are incorporated into the beds, including these tiles from the pottery.
Bits of wood find a use as edging.

Winters have been kind to several Abutilons.

Though the front areas of this sizable garden were meticulously tended, as you can see in these cold frames, the rear areas were somewhat more disheveled. There's a certain charm to this careless look, especially when surrounded with spring flowers.

The beautiful old farmhouse has enjoyed a total facelift over the last several years.

From its new mouldings to its period-appropriate paint job, to its verdant and happy gardens, it sparkled on this sunny spring morning.


  1. I feel so spoiled, lounging in the sun with my iPad, Lovely PNW cottage garden, I'll have to remember for the next open day

  2. The gardens are, as you say, verdant and happy. Love those roses at the beginning of the post. Thanks for the tour!

  3. I love the name and I love the pottery. There's something so charming about those rambling cottage gardens.

  4. Thanks for the tour of the garden! I've heard wonderful things about this place!

  5. It's been a busy week and this failed to rise to the top of my list. I'm ever so glad to get to see it through your eyes.


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