Monday, April 27, 2009

Foliage trumps blooms this week

Blossoms are great, but I'm taking increased pleasure in the foliage I see unfurling and coloring these last few weeks. As soon as it heated up a little bit, there was no holding some plants back.

Particularly fulfilling are the young leaves of an acer circinatum we had planted last spring. It was a lovely multi-trunked specimen that quickly leafed out after planting but the heat of summer was hard on it. Knowing how very small its root ball was (we think it was collected from the wild) we feared for its well-being. We pruned it and kept it well watered and mulched to help it cope, but it was clearly stressed through the year. This year we hope it will fare better and its bright yellow-green leaves with their reddish tips are a hopeful sign.

Also gorgeous are the new leaves of our young eucalyptus (E. pauciflora ssp. debeuzevillei.) The foliage comes out so reddish-orange that it looks almost like flowers from a distance. I chose this variety because it is supposed to be one of the hardiest eucs, and I'm delighted that it did so well over the winter. Based on last year's gains, I expect it to put on a foot or two more height this summer.
Go little tree!


  1. Hopefully the a. circinatum will recover just fine. I had a neighbor digging out some mature trees from his yard, and I volunteered to give them a happy home. There was only a major root attached to the trees. One lived and one didn't, but the one that didn't make it was pretty obviously gone by the middle of the first year. Good luck, little maple!

  2. Great blog! Here in zone 5, we're quite a bit behind you so I'm anxiously awaiting any sign of leaves. Reading your blog helps pass the time!

  3. Thanks, Megan. You let me feel more certain now that the maple has established itself over the past year, but I think we'll still need to be watchful about water and mulch (and maybe some kind of mild fertilizer?)

    Erin, welcome! We've been feeling sorry for ourselves after our last "hard" winter. I can't begin to imagine how much more severe yours are in Wisconsin. I realize how blessed we are in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm happy to be able to offer a little vicarious gardening fun to you!

  4. Hi, Jane,

    I'm beginning to follow. I love the eucalyptus, too. I wish I had a picture of my pomegranate tree to send. Scarlet/orange blossoms on lime-green foliage. It's in my eye when I'm at my desk. Jake put that baby tree in a pot the summer he was down here working for some relative. You might mention that it's thriving.



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