Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One man's weed ...

... is another woman's flower.

I took these pictures today at a bank on the corner of SW Fifth and Washington in downtown Portland. For decades, this 60s planter had been filled with some nondescript box-woody shrubbery that surrounded an odd sculptural fountain. A few years ago the fountain must have failed because it was drained and never refilled. When the shrubs succumbed to the Great Winter of 2009, they were unceremoniously hauled out and nothing else was planted.

But looking completely legitimate, some kind of tall, slim weed has filled the void this spring. It's in full bloom now, and its ferny heads of tiny yellow flowers are a beautiful sight. Shhh, don't tell the bank!


  1. That's so funny! Wonder why they don't spring for a few new plants? Guess times are hard for the banks these days, landscaping is no longer a justifiable expense. Maybe you should do some guerilla gardening there when the weeds die back? :) Hey, thanks for the tree ID. I don't need more mess and problems in my life, thanks for saving me from that beguiling but irritating stranger, acer negundo! I had read Megan's post but didn't recognize it from her photos. Oh man. Stewartia, I have considered it but maybe I need to see it in someone's garden to get me to love it. That box elder just knocked me flat, beauty-wise. Dang.

  2. It's nice of the weeds to come in so uniformly, it looks positively planned. Good call on the Stewartia. I just love those. I have one tiny one but it's not big enough to make an impact yet, it's just about 4' tall now. But last fall, what beautiful leaf color!

  3. Fun post, and I actually kind of like the weeds!

  4. Bees need weeds! Weeds can be good, poor things!
    Funny thing, though, that the bank is kinda "going to seed" - sign of the times.

  5. is that just a wild lettuce takeover? i was just hiking the other day in Silver Falls State Park and came across a baneberry... didn't know what it was and your blog helped me identify it without a real key! thanks! this is a great photo. i am more of a weed gardener than anything! most weeds are medicine!


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