Thursday, August 6, 2009

High summer

I've never had good luck growing ornamental sunflowers, so this year in an attempt to privatize, I planted three envelopes of mixed colors. Of course, they all sprouted and thrived. The colors are beautiful!

The vegetables are also doing their thing. This is Ichiban eggplant.

We've enjoyed eating from the garden every night this week. Above, "Still Life with Pomegranite and Agave Bracteosa." That's my kind of summer art.


  1. Your sunflowers are gorgeous! What a beautiful post....

  2. I like that still life shot, with the glimpse of the garden behind it. That's a great pot with the pomegranate.

  3. Thanks Jane for visiting Shadows on Stone.
    If you'd like some perennial sunflowers, helianthus microcephalus, come by my studio. I forgot the cultivar name. They are a lovely soft pale lemon yellow, really tough plants. I've got tons of them.

  4. Hi Jane - Love your sunny sunflowers, I never seem to do well with those when I try but always have some volunteers so just let what happens happens at this point. At first glance I worried that your eggplants were some new purple species of slug! They are so very shiny. What a basket of harvest plenty, good going. Hope your summer is going well!


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