Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is not a plant.

At lunch time yesterday I visited Pioneer Square, here in Portland. As I arrived, a public relations event was just concluding. And I couldn't see the object of all the excitement until I walked over and entered the crowd:

This amazing little vehicle is all-electric and gets an estimated 190 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent). It has a top speed of 55 MPH ... and does it using only three wheels.

The Pulse is made by Eugene, Ore., company Archimoto, and it will be available in 2010.

The MulchMaid wants to plug one in!


  1. I read about this event in yesterdays DJC. Thanks for the pics! Visiting Pioneer Square is certainly a perk of working downtown.

    Until they went out of business I was dreaming about owning one of the Eco-motion (they were on Sandy blvd) fun would it have been to go to a plant sale in one of them...they were so cute and green! Did you ever see them?

  2. How funny. It's like batman's motorcycle crossed with a smart car. Of course, I'm wondering where you put the plants and the dogs. But for the right situation, probably very handy.

  3. Can't you just see the streets of Portland swarming with these little cuties? Megan, we surely can find one friend still driving a truck for those nursery visits.

  4. Another Northwester! Hi Jane, I'm to the south of you. I scrolled through your recent blog entries. Very interesting. I had Darlow's Enigma but it took it out because of its quickly amassing nature didn't bode well with my rather smallish backyard. What I miss most about it is the fragrance. Not so much close up but from several feet away...wonderful. Love your plant finds. I bought a Eucomis this year too. It's producing seeds so maybe I can get a colony started but I must do a little research first.

    Anyway, nice blog. You're welcome to visit mine sometime if you're so inclined. :]


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