Friday, December 18, 2009

California Dreaming on Such a Portland Day

Portland is cold and wet now. So it's time to roll out the sunny, dry California pictures!
This terrific mid-century garden furniture is at my brother- and sister-in-law's home in warm, sunny Altadena, California. We visited in early November, and I posted earlier about a walk I took there.

I have always enjoyed their beautiful paved seating area, below, with its tile-accented fountain. It's at the back of their lot where mature Engelmann oaks keep the air cool and shady.

Although it was November, this abutilon was still blooming a beautiful rose color.

 I loved the pots of Spanish lavender in the garden.
Here's a detail of the fountain's pool: the stacked pavers help create the perfect sound as the water falls into the pool. The sea creatures help create the right sense of fun!

 The fountain at night. It's the perfect setting for a martini or a glass of wine.
This is an Engelmann oak (quercus engelmannii), also called a Pasadena oak. It resembles the much-loved California live oak, but has a very narrow range in and around Pasadena.

A final view looking back to the house through the Engelmann oaks from the patio. The dark tree foliage and branches made a wonderful pattern against the sky.


  1. wow! Great fountain and FABULOUS furniture. If they ever want to get rid of it I would be happy to take it off their hands!

  2. Hi Jane~~ I've always loved oaks. I'm most familiar with our indigenous white oak but this Engelmann is a beaut. ... I think if I had a fountain this elaborate, during the heat of summer I'd be sitting in it. ... Love the pink abutilon. Your bro and sis-in-law have created a beautiful oasis.

  3. I've always been envious that Californians get to have real furniture- soft, comfy, lounging furniture outdoors. And what a great fountain! I would drink martinis all the time if I had a place like that to enjoy them.

  4. That last shot could be a postcard. I can see the gardening and design genes run in the family! Nice. Love live oaks in N CA, didn't realize they had a near cousin further south. Looks like a fun vacation, the perfect antidote to the winter blahs up here!

  5. oh to have furniture like that outside is just a dream for me. That fountain looks incredible especially at nighttime.


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