Sunday, March 14, 2010

Different strokes for different folks

My old faithful plastic watering can cracked over winter. I have a metal one, but the rose is rusted on, so it only sprinkles gently. Sometimes you need a good gush of water when you're planting or watering pots, so off I went to Fred Meyer for a new one. But of course I had to look around the garden center while I was there.

Here's how Fred Meyer does spring:

It was total color overload.
These hostas looked good, but unseasonably advanced.

Several displays of flaxes shivered outdoors on this 46 degree Friday afternoon. The hellebores were in fine form, though.

The cordylines were looking pretty chilly, too.

A cautionary sign hadn't been well considered: most of the available plants were perennials, and even they wouldn't want to go in the ground just yet, I think.

Got white?

A sea of euphorbia. I liked this selection a lot.

The cheap plastic watering cans were all clipped to a display and I couldn't get one loose. So I didn't buy a thing from the Fred Meyer garden department (as tempting as those bright green euphorbias were.)

Next stop, Portland Nursery.
I want some torulosa junipers in my garden, so I went looking for them in the conifer area. They didn't have any ("Hollywood" junipers are a little declasse for PN, I guess) but they did have this beautiful low variety,  Juniperus horizontalis "Lime Glow".

Its fall/winter foliage is golden-bronze, but in summer it's a bright lime green. I liked the upright "fin" effect of its branches.

Here's how Portland Nursery does spring color. It's more restrained and a lot easier on the eyes, wouldn't you say?

And my watering can? Got it! Same can for the same price as Fred Meyer, but for me, a lot more fun to shop for at my second stop!


  1. So did you buy the Juniper too?

    I stopped by Portland Nursery on Friday afternoon too, would have been fun to bump into you. No, I didn't buy a thing.

  2. interesting that the watering can was the same price at PN & Freddy's. I tend to suffer sticker shock at the former, but agree that it sure is fun. Hard to believe Loree got out of there scot-free. Freddy's is our regular grocery source, and this time of year a little something for the garden usually finds its way into my cart. Must say: pretty good luck with their stuff.

  3. I was at Home depot today, looked identical to freddies , I to came back empty handed.. oh,except for Skylark blue and lovely lavender paint...

  4. Loree, no, I held off on the juniper. It wasn't what I went for, so I have to figure out where I'll put it. But it was tempting!

    Ricki, I don't mean to sound so snooty: I've made many Freddies purchases from their garden department in the past. And I'd have bought the torulosas there if they'd had them.

    Linda, skylark blue paint? Yummy!

  5. How nice to be able to take a stroll through your garden centre.
    Maybe I ought to do a reciprocal post.
    I'm wondering how many of those primula pots you get for your seventeen dollars.

  6. I want that lime glow juniper too, I always stop and "visit" when I come across it, but I'm also trying to figure out a place to put it. I'm with you, those bright colors are a little much. Fred Meyers usually has a lot of goofy stuff and then a few good things if you get the timing just right. Portland Nursery on the other hand is always a sure thing to have good stuff, that place always puts a dent in my wallet.


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