Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - April 15, 2010

Forget taxes. If you haven't done them yet, file for an extension. The garden is MUCH more important today.

So here are a few plants blooming in the MulchMaid's garden this month, with apologies for a couple of repeat bloomers from last week's post.
Evergreen huckleberry, loaded with blooms. Karen from Greenwalks asked if I fertilize them: I do, with some mild, naturally derived pellets I get from a great local Portland company, Concentrates.

Eddie's White Wonder dogwood is a beautiful, stately tree, even as a youngster. The pale green blossoms are growing larger and whiter every day.

The last few flowers on Arctostaphylos 'Austin Griffiths'.

Arctostaphylos 'Martha Ewan' is just beginning to bloom. And it has the loveliest gray-green, slightly fuzzy leaves.

Last, Loropetalum chinense 'Sizzling Pink' is covered with cute, strappy pink flowers. In the MulchMaid's garden of many Northwest natives with their quiet, small spring blooms, this pretty and unusual flower really stands out.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. Click on over to see what's blooming in her garden and gardens across the US and around the world today.


  1. Hiya Jane,
    Startling plant, that Loropetalum. I'd love to see that in real life one of these days. And I don't come across dogwood too often over here. Very elegant tree. Happy gardening.

  2. So it seems you've been bitten by the Arctostaphylos bug too! How long have you had your plants? Beautiful Dogwood blossoms!

  3. That's a beautiful dogwood flower. And I really like huckleberry blooms. The berries will be even better.

  4. Eddie is gorgeous (or should that be handsome?) - either way I like him:)

  5. Love that dogwood. Pale green flowers make me weak in the knees. Have you had your loroptalum long? I've killed two in a row the previous two years. Hoping third year's a charm.


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