Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Totally random: flowers, plants, birds and questions

This is what I'd describe as a stream-of-consciousness post. One thing doesn't relate to the next in any way except my delight with each one.

Here goes:

A gorgeous bouquet of pink rhodies, peonies and that umbrella-ish thing I always forget (kalmia?) in my favorite card shop downtown.

I love this houseplant spotted at my physical therapy department...anyone know what it is? Thick, glossy, but incised deep green leaves at very regular intervals up each stem (the pot I can do without.)

On a walk in Oaks Bottom, a stately Great Blue Heron.

On the same walk, a female mallard with several ducklings.

In a desolate industrial area in southeast Portland, one amazing intense red testimonial to its own life force.

What amazes or delights you this month?


  1. I know that plant! It's the ZZ plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia. I placed ours outside to get some fresh air on the porch, but I may have to bring it in with all of this lovely wet weather we've been experiencing. (I bought one at IKEA.)

  2. I can't second Ficurinias i.d. but I can say we had one in my old office and it always looked fabulous, I had to look close to make sure it wasn't fake! That bouquet has Grace written all over it...and thank you for the reminder to put Oaks Bottom on my "explore when the weather is better" list. I've never been there.

  3. Yep, the umbrella looking flower is a Kalmia. I'll leave the house plant ID to the experts. Gorgeous bouquet. Have you heard about the Gardening Gone Wild blog's photo contest? The heron photo would be a great contender--just my opinion...

  4. Ficurinia - thank you for the ID! And to think they're at IKEA. I thought it might be rare...

    Danger garden - do visit Oaks Bottom. It's nice and cool on a hot summer morning. You can take Lila along, too!

    Grace - that bouquet photo was meant for you. And a contest contender photo...really? Thank you! I'll check it out.

  5. I didn't remember the name of that plant Ficurinia identified, but I remember seeing it in a book I have about house plants. It claims to be easy care, which is the only kind of house plant I can handle.


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