Saturday, January 8, 2011

Master Gardener classes begin

Wow! A room full of 80 passionate gardeners! I'm pumped, yet slightly sobered by what I've taken on.

Yesterday, I attended the first in my series of eleven OSU Master Gardener classes. I've been looking forward to this for years, and it didn't disappoint: I took eleven pages of notes.

And just look at the vast binder of reading assignments provided.

They even gave us a snazzy zippered tote bag in Gardener Green to carry the notebook.

I love botanical nomenclature, but science is not my strong suite. So after sitting through the Botany for Gardeners unit, I began to realize this would be work - fascinating, of course, but definitely work. With class only once a week, I'll have time to read the chapters ahead, listen to the presenter, then review again after class. After all, I want to get the maximum value from this experience.

Time to hit the books!


  1. I am so excited for you! And a little jealous too. BTW I like how your pages look in the rh column, so I copied you. I didn't really like the look of them under my blog header. Thanks for "showing me the way"

  2. Deb, it is, indeed, good for me!

    dg - thank you! And how funny about the blog pages: I actually liked the pages better under the blog header, but I didn't want to be a complete copycat!

  3. I'm so excited to read more about your MG classes. I think about attempting this every once in a while, but I've never taken the plunge. I'm just not sure how much new info this old brain will be able to retain.

    So kudos to you!

  4. Hi Jane~~ I took the classes in 2002. It was definitely worth the time and effort. I learned so much and felt much more confident in my gardening abilities and in sharing information with others. Good luck to you. Please keep us posted.

  5. Jane , Oh nice! Great way to use your retirement. Can we pick your brain with all our gardening future.?..Maybe, give you a few months first.

  6. That's awesome...I've always secretly wanted to do that...but was afraid I'd never be able to's quite a commitment!

  7. Just what we need: another go-to gal when we get stumped by a gardening conundrum...and I bet you will be sharing newfound knowledge here. What fun!

  8. Congrats, Jane! And such neat notes...

  9. Alison, don't let me be off-putting: you could do it, believe me...if I can, you can!

    Grace, thank you. I feel incredibly lucky, and that the sharing info with others part will actually have some cred.

    Linda, pick away, but no guarantees. With my lousy recall, I'll be constantly saying, "hold on...let me look that up!"

    Scott, I think I will need to get cracking to fit in 88 hours of service before October 1. No other info about opportunities is available until the fourth class.

    Ricki, so about that go-to gal...yeaaaah. See my response to Linda!

    Denise, thank you! Now to actually decipher said notes...


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