Monday, August 1, 2011

Ready for the Roofers

Saturday and Sunday, I spent hours carefully and laboriously moving everything not secured in the ground (plants, pots, outdoor furniture, doormats, etc.) from around the house.

Plants that can tolerate a few days of added sun got moved to the perimeter of the garden.

Meliathus major looks a bit surprised to find Agave bracteosa and A. filifera cozied up next to it, with a Yellow Flax tucked in behind.

A. geminiflora shields a mixed flat of small pots that I still haven't planted due to our summer of construction.

Patio and deck chairs are banished to the furthest edges of the grass.

Smaller agaves have moved inside the sliding door in a semblance of their winter mode.

A few plants that need more shade than we can provide outdoors are out of harm's way in the garage for a few days. It looks suddenly lush in that utilitarian space.

The deck is bare.

The new patio is empty, except for the scaffold to install the skylights.

The front porch is naked.

See the lovely aqua paint test on the left side of the picture above? Sadly, it's one more color we won't be painting our house. While I think it strikes the perfect retro note and looks great with the brick and our foliage, the Mulchman is needing something a bit earthier.  He'd be fine with Burma Jade, but I think it's too green to work well with the foliage around the house.

So after twelve (yes, twelve!) paint mixes, we have yet to reach agreement on a color. You would just think two design professionals would have an easier time deciding, right?

Well, we better make up our minds soon, because Mitch Perez of Brushin' N' Rollin' is scheduled to start in a week or so (Mitch comes well recommended by Loree of danger garden.)

Meanwhile, this morning I'm sitting at my computer listening to loud scraping and falling sounds emanating from my roof. The windows and planting beds next to the house are draped in blue tarps, giving our interior a weird underwater quality. But the new roof will be done tomorrow!


  1. Oh you'll be so glad when this day is over, won't you? I love that painter's company name. I hope you can decide on a color. Your babies look well taken care of during this process. Keep us posted.

  2. Very exciting...I cannot wait to see it when it's finished!

  3. I had to smile at that last photo of the side of the house, with its patchwork camouflage look. I know you will be so happy to have this all finished. Hope you post pictures of the newly painted house.

  4. What a summer! You are so smart though to tackle it all at once, even though you must just be wishing it would all end already! I have to say I love the aqua...and can't wait to see what you decide on...I'm sure Mitch is looking at your house and thinking how much easier it's going to be than ours.

  5. This is why I like a brick house...I have trouble just choosing a color for the garage door.
    I'm sure it will look beautiful which ever color you choose, looking forward to seeing it.

  6. Two design professionals: worst combination possible for getting to "yes" on design decisions. Should make for some good stories, though...and I'm sure the end result will be glorious.

  7. Okay, this makes me feel a lot better about our agony picking a color. :)


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