Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Foliage Follow Up, November 2011

Focusing on foliage has real appeal as the days get shorter and we can rely less on the eye candy of flowers. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I have been loving the fall color in my garden and throughout the Northwest.

Our young Acer japonica in full autumnal regalia...the best it's ever been!

A few last dogwood leaves cling to the twigs, and a maple leaf glows against wet gravel.

Parthenocissus tricuspidata leaves are aging in a stunning green-to-red gradient, while orange-red berries on the Pyracantha x 'Mohave' provide a counterpoint to its glossy, evergreen foliage.

Please pardon the screen, but do share my view of a bright yellow Acer circinatum out of the window beside my computer:

And here's my view out of the window beside it: Tetrapanax and Melianthus major aren't going to look this good much longer, but both nicely fill the space between young clumps of bamboo for now.

The licorice fern log, dormant over summer, has sprung back to vibrant, green life following the first fall rains.

In contrast, this licorice fern-covered rock at a Hood River inn we stayed at last weekend is the epitome of Northwest natural landscaping. All we need to do to replicate it is import some gigantic basalt boulders to Longview Ranch...

And in a final note to November foliage, the Agave collection has migrated indoors to the bright south-facing breakfast room. I can't figure out how they all seem to fit there this year, when many had to live in the basement with a grow-light last winter, but I'm sure they're as happy to be above ground as I am to have them here.

Click on over to see what Foliage Follow Up host Pam Penick at Digging has going on in her monthly celebration.


  1. I'd heard at Danger Garden that you Pacific NW'ers are enjoying stunning fall foliage this year, and I'm glad to see pics of it here. That Acer at top is just gorgeous! Thanks for joining in Foliage Follow-Up.

  2. Beautiful post, Jane...that orangey-red of the Maple is my favorite of all the fall colors unbelievably vibrant! I'm such a sucker for Parthenocissus...I know it can be a bit thuggish...but it's just so pretty.

  3. Thanks for the peek into your jewel box. The new house color acts as a perfect foil.
    My succulents fit indoors more tidily too...a puzzlement, as there are more of them than last year.

  4. Your beautiful acer must be taking a battering today, mine sure looks balder , nice while it lasted .

  5. Your plants and your pictures are beautiful. I like the single leaf. There's something about it that reminds me that while fall is beautiful it's short.

    Het, fall's not all bad!

  6. Look at your sweet little agave collection! You've put together quite the grouping. Is that cat grass I see at the edge? Hope the kitty doesn't get confused and start snacking on an agave...

  7. Deb, thanks! I just realized those colors probably appeal to me more because I love them in summer, too.

    Pam, happy to share the color. Thanks for hosting!

    Scott, I think the Boston Ivy hasn't yet shown its true nature so I'm enjoying it now, but suspect we will need to deal with it in the next several years.

    Ricki, are we both in a space warp this year?

    Linda, yes, I'm so glad I captured these images of the maple before yesterday's intense wind.

    Chris, I'm making my best effort to maximize the season!

    dg, so far there's no issue with the agaves becoming a kitty snack. As a grandchild hazard, though, I need to be careful on Thanksgiving!

  8. Oh, such beautiful colors on your trees. More beauty from the PNW. I love that area!

  9. Wowzers! That maple is just stunning! I also love that photo of the bamboo, tetra and melianthus. Let's hope and pray we don't get any frost this year. Ha, ha. But you never know.


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