Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bloom Day - December 2011

Of blooms this month

I have but two.

One is white,

the other, blue.

As happy as I am to have flowers in the garden, December is one of those months that reminds me I don't focus heavily on floral results. But since this part of the world isn't typically covered in snow this month,  I'm also feeling lucky to have so much green around me to enjoy instead.

Click on over to May Dreams Gardens to sample lots of other beautiful flowers. Happy Bloom Day!


  1. I agree. Several people have commented about my Christmas floral arrangement. It's the fact that I was able to gather so many goodies from the garden that seems to amaze people in other, more severe locales. It's good for me to hear this and be grateful for our mild winters. Your blooms are gorgeous in their own right. I don't see any blossoms on my Fatsia.

  2. Nice blooms! Funny, I was JUST thinking this morning about how glad I am to live somewhere that's winter-green instead of covered with 3' of snow :-)

  3. I didn't realize that Fatsia bloomed, and at this time of year. Gotta get me some, cause there is really nothing blooming out in my garden right now. But first, maybe, I should check on what kind of growing conditions it needs.

  4. Lovely blooms! But gardening is not just about the blooms which makes it so interesting to me.
    Happy GBBD :)

  5. Happy bloom day, Jane! I've been borrowing my neighbor's rosemary for cooking -- time to get some of my own again.

  6. Sweet rosemary, it blooms here at this time, too. Happy Bloom Day!

  7. You are two blooms ahead of me. Clever little ditty you made of it.

  8. dg - I hope you have some rosemary in your garden to smell (and cook with!)

    Grace - wonder why you don't have Fatsia it an old plant?

    Scott - a deffo change from your natal state, huh?

    Christine - have I got the place for you on the 16th of the month:

    Denise - what, no rosemary and in SoCal? Fix that right now!

    Hoov - I hope you have some rosemary, too!

    ricki - ditty? More like doggerel, I'd say!


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