Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday Vignette - real frost!

We've had weeks of dark, cold, rainy days, with night-time temperatures hitting the mid-to-high 30s. Suddenly, it's become sunny and about 5 degrees colder overnight. And for the first time this winter, frost appeared in my garden.

For Anna's Wednesday Vignette over at Flutter and Hum, here are a couple of Mahonia repens modeling this morning's frost quite attractively, I think.
Just visible in the background above is our Western Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) still decorated for the holiday season. In that vein, I wish each of you a very happy New Year, and a bright and fulfilling 2016!


  1. Frost? Noooo!!!!!! (It's pretty, though.) Stay warm!

  2. Can you believe it - I totally spaced on the fact that it was Wednesday! Being way to relaxed this week... oh well, it has been remedied now! The one thing about frost, as you pointed out, is that it's so darn beautiful. You are better off than I, though. Down here, we've had plenty of it so far this year. Happy New Year, Jane!

  3. Returned from California yesterday. Everything here covered with a couple of inches of ice. Oh, well.

  4. Happy New Year, Jane! Frost improves everything for a little while, doesn't it?


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