Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday Vignette - more baby ferns

I'm endlessly drawn to ferns. Good thing, too, since we have an abundance of them here in the Pacific Northwest.

The best part is when they grow themselves, sometimes appearing in the most charming of places. The ones below are growing through moss on the trunk of an Acer negundo 'Variegatum' on my hell strip. I'm pretty sure these are baby Sword Ferns, Polystichum munitum. ("Anonymous" thinks they may be Licorice ferns,  Polypodium glycyrrhiza, and I'm starting to think that's right.)

If you see raindrops on my lens, it's because we are back to the wet winter conditions that encourage these sweet wild things to thrive. If it has to rain, at least I'm glad we can enjoy this kind of result.

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  1. Lovely ferns! They may be licorice ferns which love to grow in moss on trees.

  2. Great shots, Jane! I love when plants attach themselves to larger trees and moss like this. It's so fun to see where they decide to pop up.

  3. I love them too! I'd say those are definitely Licorice ferns. We used to chew on their stems while walking home from school, when I grew up. They grew out of rock walls, and we picked them on the way. Glad to see they are adorning your garden - they are always welcome in mine as well. :)

  4. Wonderful. I love how they grow right out from the mossy bark.


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