Thursday, March 21, 2019


I am loving the amazing spring weather we have enjoyed for the past week. Everything in the garden is hurtling headlong into leaf and flower and making me very happy as I watch my garden emerge from winter.

I know the fluff of new growth above is Dodecatheon dentatum, and the one below is D. hendersonii. But I'm occasionally confused as I see a new living thing emerging from the ground that my memory won't dredge up.

For example, this one will remain a mystery until it opens enough for me to identify. It looks like a good one!
Here's what was billed as an annual and it's coming back: Plantago major 'Rubrifolium'.  I expect my lax deadheading of it last summer will result in a few volunteers, as well.
I asked for Facebook help IDing the first image below last week, without success. Thank you to those of you who tried hard to suggest a name: the second image shows leaves open enough today to remind me that it's Jeffersonia diphylla.
It's time to get out the Sluggo, as Dianthus 'Green Ball is making a comeback. This is another plant I expected to be an annual only.
Athyrium niponicum pictum, showing just one fiddlehead so far.

Here's a cute one I'm happy to see again: an orange Eremuris .
Chasmanthium latifolium blades emerging in the spring sunlight.
The fresh, burgundy-colored new foliage of Beesia deltophylla.
And finally, here are the very best sprouts around. These shaggy-headed little stalks are a Syneilesis hybrid, probably S. aconitifolium x palmata.
Here's to delightful Spring sproutiness all over the garden!


  1. Could the unidentified sprout be a Podophyllum?

    Steve B.

  2. Lovely sprouts, all of them. The mystery does look Podophyllumy.

    Happy Spring, Jane!


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