Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wednesday Vignette - nature does it best

I spend a lot of time trying to engineer various effects and views in my garden. I purchase, plan, plant, water, weed and move plants all over my garden, in the hopes of creating a look that's at once both artful and artless.

But Mother Nature has her own ideas, like this little vignette I enjoy every time I go around one corner of the house. Each one of these plants sowed itself into the tiny space between some rocks and the poured concrete walkway. There's a young Western sword fern (Polystichum munitum), a common Foxglove seedling (Digitalis purpurea), and several Yellow-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium californicum) all tucked into a soft carpet of Corsican mint (Mentha requienii). 

The effect? Both artless and totally artful. Well played, Mother Nature!

I'm joining with the lovely Anna at Flutter and Hum this week. Check out what else is over there at her Wednesday Vignette meme.


  1. What a perfectly lovely vignette! I love how you put it too - "both artful and artless." That just about says it all! Thanks for joining in this week, Jane! <3

  2. Oh yes! The ones that plant themselves know what they're doing. They put our silly efforts to shame.

  3. Mother Nature knows what to do. If only more people listened to her message.

  4. Sweet! I really like the Corsican mint.


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