Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tiny gardens at Terwilliger Plaza

I visit my Dear Old Dad several times a week at Terwilliger Plaza. The building he lives in has a sloping drive up to the parking lot, with a sidewalk running alongside. Beside the sidewalk, in narrow alcoves in the building are several small, finely-tuned gardens with a dry stream bed running through them.
These tiny gardens were designed and are maintained by the residents of Terwilliger Plaza, but by their maturity I'd guess some of the evergreens in them have been here longer than most of the residents.
An interesting fern adds winter color.
Conifers are the mainstay of these gardens, but a carefully rounded boxwood provides some contrast above.

This section is a little less minimal. I look forward to seeing the Lewisias in bloom.

As full as a couple of the beds are, it's hard to imagine they are less than a foot wide.
And some of the gardeners clearly believe less is more.


  1. Bless their hearts. I love that they were thinking about the "off" season and created year round interest. The minimalist look is so sharp and tasteful but I lack the discipline. If there's bare dirt, I have this need to fill it with something. :)

  2. I love this, thank you for sharing Jane! I once talked to a lady who was installing waist high planter boxes at a retirement home, so the residents could keep on gardening. It's such an important part of our lives.

    Glad your dad is near.

  3. I have heard good things about this place. Your post would seem to bear that out. Lovely.

  4. Gs very nice to see they have such a community garden. And a very pretty one by the way

  5. I came by from Danger Garden, nice blog...your unnamed fern is an Arachniodes simplicior, Indian Holly Fern, Sheild Fern or may favorite Holly Kiwi neighbor has one and I do drool when I see it.....

  6. Those are quite clever...and what a good use of space...I agree with Grace, though...I can't stop planting until bare earth is a distant memory ;-)

  7. I like that you actually SEE landscaping. I think it's starting to rub off on me a little.

  8. I love the rockscapes! On a separate note I would love to contact you via email. please let me know what is the best contact email.
    Happy Planting!


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