Sunday, February 13, 2011

Union Station

Union Station had a lot of renovation work done to it some years ago when it was nicely restored inside and out with a more historic look and feel. While I was there to pick up our train tickets for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, I took another look at the landscaped beds in front of the station that were revamped at the same time. For public plantings, they have a lot going for them.

This is either a Yucca rostrata or a Dasylirion wheeleri in a prominent place in one bed.

Hellebores are everywhere this time of year, and the train station is no exception.

Lots of spiky, pointy things in this bed. And is that some kind of echium in the foreground?

I'm loving this yucca, which might be 'Bright Edge', but looks a lot more colorful than mine.

Several of the beds are anchored by Trachycarpus species that are starting to get some height.

I'm guessing this is some kind of daphne (maybe D. mezereum?) but I didn't detect any scent. I haven't seen a deciduous daphne  before this and it looked very healthy and happy.

Another happy yucca.

Some of the beds are edged with Sarcoccoca, which was in full bloom.

Others of the beds are edged in boxwood and hebes. And roses and grasses will fill out the summer look.

For public plantings in a well-used space, these beds are a fun green oasis of interesting plants and shapes, with some tried-and-true favorites mixed in. There's a little something for everyone here.


  1. Yep you are right that appears to be a Y. rostrata in your fist picture and yes those other guys do look a lot like Echiums! I"m going to have to go check this planting out! Bits of it look like a Cistus project but other parts not so much. I wonder?

  2. I'll be checking this one out too. I like it, but it sure doesn't give a train traveler much of a feeling of having arrived at a NW destination, does it?

  3. dg - so how are those echiums surviving the earlier cold weather, I wonder.

    ricki - If you need NW, a very large area to the south of the station building is devoted to specimen rhodies on a restrained lawn. Simple, and much more expected.


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