Monday, March 14, 2011

A sure sign of spring

You were expecting narcissus and crocus, or maybe tiny green shoots? Well, I don't have bulbs that bloom in early spring, and nature IS sending me lush little green shoots on lots of my shrubs.

But for a true sign of spring at Longview Ranch, look no further than the unit of delicious mulch delivered Friday from Nature's Needs in North Plains. It's dark and yummy looking and has lots of what soil needs, including mycorrhizae.

We're sharing this unit with our neighbors but the MulchMaid still has her work cut out for her.

And if you look carefully you'll see our neighbor across the street had a similar idea. Time to get out the wheelbarrow!


  1. And no need to go to the gym either! Love the bamboo beside the pile too.

  2. Lovely looking stuff! As much a sign of spring as little green shoots, but not quite as much fun.

  3. Grace, the bamboo is my effort to soften the seeming acre of concrete driveway.

    Alison, not as much fun, but a bit longer lasting, I hope!

  4. Is there ANYTHING more glorious than a fresh pile of mulch/'s pretty much the top of my list!


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