Friday, November 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - November 2013, departmentalized

This month's Bloom Day post is the Department Edition.  You'll see what I mean as we move through the blooms that November has to offer here at Longview Ranch.

Agastache 'Acapulco Orange' falls squarely in the "I-Can't-Believe-It's-Still-Blooming" Department. Yes, it may not be quite the spectacle it was in midsummer, but I even spotted a hummingbird stopping for a drink just a couple of days ago.

Also in this department is Rudbeckia triloba, a fading member of the hot bed that still has a little of that sunny, star quality to offer this month.
A place of honor in the "Ever-Blooming" Department of the Mulch Man's Northwest Territory is accorded Sidalcea oregana, Oregon Checker Mallow.

And Erigeron glaucas continues to show its appreciation for the cooler, wetter days of autumn. I see it satisfying random pollinators, too.

Back in the MulchMaid's garden area, another stalwart of the summer garden is still earning its place in the "Ever-Blooming" Department. Abutilon 'Tangerine' simply will not give up.

In the "I-Didn't-Know-They-Looked-Like-That" Department we find the cute little flowers of Seneceo mandraliscae (Blue Chalk Sticks). I love the long, blue stems with white twiddly explosions at their ends.

The "Random-Flowering-To-Keep-You-On-You-Toes" Department sports this lone Cistus bloom.

And keeping it company is Loropetalum chinense 'Sizzling Pink'. It has been spurting a few small blossoms for months without actually putting on what I'd call a "bloom" period.

In the "We're-Happy-To-See-You-Whenever-You-Decide-To-Show-Up" Department we include the tiny blossoms of Salal, Gaultheria shallon. They are such a pretty contrast to the leathery green foliage.

Also included here is the Giant Toad Lily, Tricyrtis formosana var. grandiflora 'Wa-Ho-Ping Toad'. It belongs in the "Whenever" Department by virtue of having bloomed twice already this year.

The "Right-On-Time" Department holds Cortaderia selloana whose plumes opened in late October to see me through winter.

And Fatsia japonica is a reliable November bloomer whose flowers often persist into the New Year. I adore these sputnik flower trusses that attract all manner of pollinators.

 In our last entry, the "Will-They-Make-It?" Department, the cool, furry flower buds of Tetrapanax paperifer 'Steroidal Giant' are in a race against the frost clock. Go, go, go!

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is hosted each month by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Hop over there to see what else is happening in our blooming world in mid-November.

Happy Bloom Day!


  1. Jane, I enjoyed tripping through the garden with you. And I hardly felt a twinge of envy -- even though I had to "invent" blooms for my own post today. Happy Blooms Day!

  2. Beautiful! I can't believe all the blooms in your garden - how lovely. The only thing left in mine are the crazy Abutilons too! They are the wackiest, most wonderful plants, aren't they ?? :)

  3. You guys down in Portland still have so many blooms! I'm jealous. It's looking quite gray and bleak here. I don't really have enough of any interest to put in a post. :-(

  4. id like to see the whole plant of Blue Chalk Sticks...and the last one is cool but what is it?? and where does it grow

  5. That Erigeron is really the cutest ever!

  6. Be sure to zip over to A Growing Obsession to check out what's next for us, if our Tetrapanax make it to the next stage!

  7. Those little Rudbeckias are adorable! And great shot of the Salal flower. I had no idea they were furry! So cute!

  8. So funny how tetrap was in so many Nov BD posts. I've mail-ordered and have already planted R. triloba -- love this plant! Hoping I'll be posting photos of it next Nov. too. Abutilon gets the worst scale here, just encrusted. Yours is splendid.

  9. Enjoyed the Agastache, and I need to use that one more and down here, since despite rumors, they do well. And still a few hummingbirds, oh yeah! The Abutilon is nice, including the fullness yours has. (not much blooming here now, even without any frost so far)

  10. Your Acapulco Orange blooms a lot more than my seed-grown Agastaches. Your flowers look great still. The Blue Chalk Sticks are cute with the curliqued stigmata, like those of a dandelion.

  11. Fingers crossed for all of our Tetrapanax! (tetrapanaxes?) All of your departments are looking great!

  12. The departmentalizing was fun, and the expression "twiddly explosions" put a smile on my face. You downtowners have much more going on at this late date than we do out here.

  13. Very nice, despite your grey weather. The 'Tangerine' is my favorite. It looks happy and healthy.

  14. Yes, you've got some great late bloomers there. Don't you just love when plants hold on despite the rain and ick? I love your Sidalcea oregana. I have a spring-blooming one and I think I need to have one like yours too. More is better, always.


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