Friday, November 8, 2013

Lagerstroemia x 'Natchez' - my favorite plant in the garden this week

The gold and orange charms of fall foliage go a good way to assuaging my sorrow over impending winter's cold and damp. And a standout foliage fix is being handed to me by my favorite plant this week, Lagerstroemia x 'Natchez' (Natchez Crape Myrtle).
Its range of autumn color is glorious, from bright green through yellow and gold to orange and russet.
My plant has lived a peripatetic lifestyle in its four-year history at Longview Ranch. It spent two years in a pot in various locations after I acquired it, was planted one year in the front garden, and then was moved to the back garden early this spring. Nothing seemed to faze it.
Of course most people grow Crape Myrtles for their beautiful, late-summer bloom trusses, and I'm no exception. 'Natchez' has lovely white flowers with golden centers beginning in August.
And believe it or not, mine is still working on a few blooms as I write this in early November.

Another reason people grow Lagerstroemia species is for their peeling patterned bark. 'Natchez' bark is reputed to be a particularly showy cinnamon color but mine will need to put on a few more years before it displays that feature. I'll settle for its lovely foliage for now.

The stats on Lagerstroemia x 'Natchez':

• Deciduous, large, vase-shaped shrub or small tree
• 20' to 30' high, 5' to 20' wide
• Zone 6a to 9b
• Full sun, regular water
• Adaptable, but prefers well-drained soil
• White flowers in late summer, and showy, peeling bark

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  1. Just lovely...I adore them for the fall's so vibrant!

  2. Crape myrtles are such gorgeous small trees. That fall color is wonderful. Hoping it won't be long till it's big enough to show off that peely bark.

  3. The first time I really "saw" a crape myrtle was in Tennessee, wow! The leaves had all fallen so the bark took center stage. Your blooms and striking fall color are both wonderful and make this a worthy tree even without the bark!

  4. Wonderful choice. I love my plain, garden variety crape myrtle for its foliage, which is pretty showy beginning to end. It has never flowered, but that's OK by me.

  5. That is a beautiful tree! If I still had room for even a "small, vase-shaped tree", a C. Natchez would be a superstar contender, for sure. The Crape myrtle I have unfortunately flowers in pale pink, which for some reason leaves me quite cold.

  6. Are the Lagerstroemias not lovely? Natchez has the really beautiful bark, even better than the flowers.

  7. Oh, what a fabulous plant! Love the flowers and fall color. Too bad they will not grow here.

  8. I am late to the party, as usual. How are you Jane? By now your Crapey is completely devoid of it's lovely foliage. It is a beauty and I couldn't help but notice the plants you have surrounding yours. What a gorgeous setting. Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving my friend.


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