Saturday, June 13, 2015

Coming next weekend: the ANLD garden tour

This past week, I enjoyed a preview of the 11th annual Association of Northwest Landscape Designers Garden Tour happening a week from today, on Saturday June 20, from 10am to 4pm.

If you've been thinking about a yard makeover, are curious about how a professional Landscape Designer can help you achieve a beautiful outdoor space, or if you just like to enjoy Portland gardens, then this is the tour for you.
Eight beautifully designed gardens run the gamut from modern spaces,

- to shady glens,

- to accessible gardens designed for aging in place,

- to wonderful food garden options. There's literally something for everyone on this tour.

In one garden, an admitted plant collector shows how a diverse group of plants can be unified and celebrated.

In another, beautifully-designed details make a simple path special.

Cor-ten steel figures large in one of the gardens, both for food and ornamental plantings.

Clever plant choices light up a shady spot in this garden.

And with Portland weather always a factor, each garden designer has provided spaces to enjoy the sun and the shade.

Containers are a big feature of some of the gardens, and they range from lush and full,

 - to xeric interpretations, perfectly placed in the sun.

For those that like things on the wild side, there's even a meadow, complete with leaping salmon.

Tickets for the self-guided tour are $25, and proceeds benefit the ANLD scholarship program for
aspiring landscape designers. While they last, tickets are available from these independent garden centers: Al's Garden Center - Sherwood location, Cornell Farm, Garden Fever!, Gardener's Choice and Portland Nursery - check before you go. They're also available at the first and last garden on the tour - details here.

Between the ANLD designers and the generous sponsors, they have put together a delightful summer garden tour for your pleasure. So far, the weather is looking perfect for next weekend -  I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I did!


  1. I seriously need a garden tour buddy. I've never been to any. Sad, but true. This sounds awesome.

  2. Have missed seeing/reading your posts_ trying to get back to the gardens I enjoy. Thanks for the heads up on this event.

  3. Looks like a great tour, Jane.

  4. I really like the waterfall photo. And what is the identity of that white-leaved plant in the 10th photo down?

    1. I, too, was intrigued by the white-leaved plant in the 10th photo down back when I read this post, but I had no idea what it was. Then this morning, completely by chance, I saw a photo of the same garden on the Facebook page for Alyse Lansing Garden Design. She identifies it as a "white variegated Helleborus (such as 'Nancy Starnes')."

    2. P.S. Here's the link

  5. Take lots of pictures and do some posts for those of us who can't go!

  6. Good job, as always, Jane. It was fun to spend the day with you.


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