Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Season's greetings

I ride Max home several days a week. As I approached the station yesterday, I saw several trees, still trussed, but clearly waiting to become part of a holiday display for Big Pink (the US Bank Tower at 5th & Burnside.)

As I got closer, I saw that someone had embellished the bottoms of the trunks with appropriate holiday inscriptions.

A little early, but in perfect style for the season!


  1. Great shots Jane! I would love to know the story behind the inscriptions wouldn't you?

  2. Love the sense of humor. Now this is graffiti I can live with. So it's dubbed "Big Pink"? I worked in downtown Portland while it was being built back in the early 80s. Impressive to say the least.

  3. Ah, memories. I used to work in that building. They had space for hugely tall trees in there. I wonder if the graffiti has significance in terms of their planning for the decoration, or if it was a random act of merriment. I just love the holidays, all that sparkle just for the fun of it.

  4. OK, I must be tired here but my first thought was that Max was your horse! Duh, Max, public transit for a city that actually figured that stuff out. Yeah, now I get it! Funny about the grafit-tree!


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