Monday, October 26, 2009

Random autumn images

From a walk up Marquam Hill, some glistening mushrooms.

The same walk, a web so finely woven that it held dewdrops .

A fat spider in my back garden.

A fiery Japanese maple in Ladd's Addition.

The Meyer lemon, inside for the winter. Some of the fruit looks perfect, but should I harvest it?

Danish squash from the garden.

Late afternoon sunlight through the Karl Foerster feather reed grasses. I can't clean up the spent sunflowers yet: gold finches and chickadees are coming daily to eat the ripe seeds.

A juvenile Japanese maple I rescued as a seedling, sporting its fall foliage.

My dwarf pomegranite, with bright golden leaves.

Once I get over mourning summer, I see how beautiful autumn can be.


  1. I love these photos!! Your yard is lovely. I think you should harvest the lemons--why not? And I am quite jealous that you have a meyer lemon tree. I want one! Where did you get it? And can it handle the lack of sun in the winter? Or do you use a grow light?

  2. MDIC, thanks! The Meyer lemon came from Raintree Nursery (online) just last winter. I saw several recently at Livingscape Nursery on N. Vancouver, too. The fragrance of the winter blossoms is intoxicating! Our south-facing glass door gets lots of sunlight, so it's okay until next summer without supplemental light.

  3. Thanks, I need all the reminders about the beauty of fall that I can get! If your spider needs company I have about 100 in my yard that you are welcome to adopt!

  4. This fall seems less resplendent than many. Your photos give me a little less pessimistic view.

  5. dg, happy to point out loveliness, but my spider has all the company he needs already, thank you very much!

    ricki, I'm sorry you haven't thought this fall measured up, but I'm happy to give you an alternate perspective. Actually, I have been thinking it's a particularly beautiful fall, so far.

  6. Your pictures are lovely. Fungi are fascinating aren't they - slightly alien and mysterious. I suppose the spiders are fat because they are trying to eat as much as possible before winter comes. They are all over my garden.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog by the way.

  7. Thank you, easygardener.
    I see now you're gardening in the south of England (I was born in London!) so your lovely Australian correa should be okay in Portland, too.

  8. Your fall garden is really beautiful. Lots of seasonal interest. I think that's one of the keys to enjoying the season. I'm glad to spot a fellow fall lover out there. I love that shot of the spiderweb, with the fern dangling behind it. I'm imagining that's one of those woodland licorice ferns I've been dreaming about.


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